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Exhibitions & Events

   One would think that standing at exhbitions and events would be fairly straight-forward, but it is amazing how many companies get it wrong and fail to maximise the return on their investment. Having invested large sums of money in stand space rental, staff salaries, airfares and hotels, they fall at the first hurdle due to not having made adequate provision to ensure that event visitors will get up on to their stand and not just simply walk by.

   At BDLA, we can help with the: 

-  identification of suitable exhibitions. 
-  sharing the costs of exhibiting                                                        -  negotiation of stand space at exhibitions. 
-  pre-show preparations 
-  organising the logistics of exhibiting 
-  hiring local support staff  
-  identifying and inviting suitable guests 
-  championing stands to ensure maximum visitors 
-  post-show follow-up 
-  maximising your time and money invested